Traditional drawing and digital coloring by Xi-Anne Avancena.

Loyalty Award, TITAN Photography Gold, Paulinian Prism Gold, National Paulinian Science Congress Gold, High School Board of Students Gold, EDDIS Press Conference Gold, Responsibility Award Certificate.

Finally, graduate na ako ng high school! Bye St. Paul, Hello DLS-CSB. :)


Never let your struggles become your identity

(c) xianneaubrey

penne pesto pasta x fettucini x tacos
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animal photography, yeah?
Olaf ©xianneaubrey

Sometimes I only find God as I’m writing and other times I only find Him in the lives of others, and sometimes it’s in the middle of the night when I’m so so so tired and then suddenly He blazes out of my entire life and the world and I can hardly breathe for the beauty in the pain and His faithfulness, His Love, the light through the cracks and it’s coming in and going out and I am dazzled.

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