The best way to lose

The best way to lose is to sacrifice yourself. The best way to lose would be to actually lose and know you’re losing. Shallow as other people may seem to think of the idea. Losing, in its simplest from, would mean loosing in a game or not getting what you want. I think sacrifice is the best way to lose, because in sacrifice you win by losing. you voluntarily give yourself up for someone or something…but because someone else who you care about has something to reap, in exchange for your loss. And I think sacrificing is an extremely noble thing to do. And the best way of sacrificing is loving. Loving someone involves all the risks that any daredevils or stuntman or math geniuses because you sacrifice a part of yourself and give it to someone. Because loving someone requires you to sacrifice yourself and hand over yourself entirely to a single person. having said that I say this: I think the best way to lose is to lose yourself to the one you truly love.

— Jersey Santiago-Santos of TDG written by shirlengtearjerky (Wattpad)

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